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$50,000 Paranormal Challenge

The 2007 IIG Awards

August 18, 2007. With its IIG Awards, the Independent Investigations Group (IIG) celebrates those rare individuals and shows in the media that encourage science and critical thinking, and ridicule those shows that peddle pseudoscience and superstition.

The 2007 winners of the IIG Awards are The Simpsons, for the episode "The Monkey Suit", and Psych, for its pilot episode. Lifetime achievement awards went posthumously to Harry Houdini (Ehrich Weiss) and Carl Sagan. The Truly Terrible Television (TTTV) Awards were given to Court TV's Psychic Detectives, and to the Montel Williams show for every episode featuring Sylvia Browne.

Accepting for The Simpsons was "The Monkey Suit" episode's writer J. Stewart Burns, and accepting for Psych was staff writer Daniel Hsia. Ann Druyan sent a letter acknowledging the recognition and thanked IIG for the lifetime achievement award presented to Carl Sagan.

See pictures from the first annual IIG Awards:

The Hall of Honor plaque and the two awards for best skeptical shows   Our positive awards, plus the two Truly Terrible Television awards
Jim Underdown introduces the IIG Awards   A clip from the Simpsons episode, "The Monkey Suit"
Simpsons writer J. Stewart Burns   J. Stewart Burns and Jim Underdown
Jim Underdown introduces the next winner   Psych staff writer Daniel Hsia
Jim Underdown and Daniel Hsia   Owen Hammer presents the Truly Terrible Television awards
Hall of Honor recognition for Harry Houdini   Inducting Carl Sagan into the IIG Hall of Honor
Dave Richards holds the Hall of Honor plaque for the first two inductees    

Additional Credits

Director, Writer   Dave Richards
Lights, Sound, Media Direction   Steve Muscarella
Cameraman   Spencer Marks
Video Editing, Website   Ross Blocher




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