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$50,000 Paranormal Challenge

Frequently Asked Questions

Where and when do you meet? How can I become a member?

We usually meet at 11:00 am on the third Saturday of every month, at The Center for Inquiry-Los Angeles in Hollywood, California.

Check the IIG event calendar, email us, or call (323) 666-9797, ext. 101 for further details. Or feel free to just show up at a meeting - walk-ins are always welcome!

Does it cost anything?

The first two visits are free, then we charge $5 per meeting thereafter. Or you can join the group as a member, which costs $40 annually. (Student memberships are $20 per year.)

All fees go towards supporting the costs of our various investigations.

Can I just show up for the investigations?

Unfortunately, no. Part of our group's purpose is to learn how to investigate these claims. Conducting an investigation requires training, preparation and procedural controls. Consequently, only members who have participated in the development of an investigative protocol can participate in the investigation.

Again, you are welcome to join our group and become an investigator, as long as you are willing to learn and work within our methods.

Do I need some kind of special training or skills? Do I need a degree in science?

Not at all! While the IIG conducts scientifically-based experiments, our membership is comprised primarily of lay-people. All that you need to do to be a skeptic is to demand evidence and insist that claims be proven.
In fact, numerous charlatans have fooled professional scientists, while lay-people possessed of honest skepticism have seen right through them.

Do I have to be an atheist?

No. Skeptics have traditionally come from diverse backgrounds, and we do not discriminate in selection of our members.

Aren’t Skeptics just Cynics? Do you believe in anything?

Cynics automatically assume the worst. Skeptics simply don’t believe in anything that’s unproven.

We believe that a rational, scientific examination of the difficult questions about our world lead to meaningful information. We believe that vague assertions, untested ideas, appeals to authority, anecdotal evidence, and weak arguments are not useful means to arrive at conclusions about our world.

We seek to understand – a very optimistic pursuit that’s far from cynical.

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