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$50,000 Paranormal Challenge

IIG Public Update #24

November 2009 Update

Many said it would never happen. We had our doubts as well BUT...


The IIG is pleased to announce that Anita Ikonen, applicant for the Independent Investigation Group's $50,000 Paranormal Challenge, is coming to the Center for Inquiry-Los Angeles on November 21, 2009 to participate in a Preliminary Demonstration of her alleged paranormal ability. This is the first phase of testing for the IIG's $50,000 Paranormal Challenge. The Preliminary Demonstration will be presented at 11AM in the Steve Allen Theatre.

This event is NOT open to the public. Only current (i.e. “paid-up”) IIG members in good standing and invited guests (including members of the press) will be allowed into the theatre. Strict rules of conduct will be enforced throughout. No outside cameras, cellphones, transmitting or recording devices will be allowed into the theatre without the approval of the IIG.

The IIG is looking into the possibility of video streaming the event on the Internet.  If we are able to do this we will announce the web address to view the event.  If we are not able to video stream that day then the video of the event will be posted on the IIG website, along with the testing protocol, as soon as possible after the event.


It’s been almost 4 months since we petitioned the CBRN to explain why they suddenly pulled our license to teach “Feng Shui For Home Care Providers”.  Well, we finally got a response.  Turns out the CBRN’s review of our application was "not complete" and that some of the terms used in the application packet are "either fictitious or describe practices that are not addressed in Best Practices in Complementary and Alternative Medicine".  We’ll leave the details for next month.  In the meantime, read about our ongoing effort to drive the “woo” out of the California Board of Registered Nurses in this month’s “Skeptical Inquiry”.    


We are putting the final touches on a controlled demonstration for Regen T. that could take place before the New Year. He will deal a playing card one at a time from a previously shuffled deck of 52 cards and attempt to project the suit and value of each card to the mind of his hand-picked receiver in an adjacent room. Getting 5 “hits” in the course of 52 deals would be statistically remarkable and earn Regen a shot at our 50K Challenge.  


Christopher M. claims to be able to look at a photo or computer image of a person and “know” if that person is currently alive or dead. He said he would also be able to tell if that person was currently missing a limb -- arm, hand, leg, foot. We proposed an informal test that could be conducted over the internet. Chris would be sent, via E-mail, a selection of photos that he would have one hour to study and then E-mail back with his impressions.  To eliminate semantic confusion when it comes to describing an amputation we made the test even simpler for Christopher. He wouldn’t have to identify hands or feet or digits, just simply tell us which side the loss was on and whether it involved injury to the leg or the arm. Our last communication with Christopher was on Oct. 17th. He was traveling and said he’d get back to us soon. We are standing by to administer the test.


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