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$50,000 Paranormal Challenge

Grassroots Skepticism - A Call to Action

The Independent Investigations Group's Mission Statement includes the duty to investigate fringe science and paranormal and extraordinary claims from a rational, scientific viewpoint and educate the public by disseminating factual information about such investigations.

One of IIG's investigations has been about the Aulterra Neutralizer, a product that claims to "protect consumers from the potentially negative effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) emitted by cell phones, computers, microwave ovens, cordless phones, televisions, video games, and other electronic devices."

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has closed down two such enterprises.


The Neutralizer is a thin, round sticker with one adhesive surface, no different from a decorative sticker, although it is claimed that it contains "a proprietary blend of natural materials (powdered rocks) which neutralize harmful emissions." The instructions are for the purchaser to place the sticker anywhere on their cellular phone, and the user will not be harmed by electromagnetic fields. In a test conducted by the IIG, the device didn't neutralize, or in fact have any effect on microwaves, which is electromagnetic radiation within the range of EM waves the device is claimed to affect.

There is no proof that such harm exists, but consumers who are unsure of the technology that makes our appliances and devices work are easily convinced that they need protection from them. They are afraid of their cellular phones and microwave ovens. The sales of the Aulterra devices, and others like them, are taking advantage of people's gullibility. In difficult economic times, it is irresponsible to allow this kind of deception to go unchallenged.

The IIG has submitted a report on the Aulterra Neutralizer to the FTC. We call on you to contact your legislator, and request that he or she look into the matter of the flim flam described above.

Here is a link to a website to help you find contact information for your legislator:


and send a copy of your message to the IIG at info@iigwest.org

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